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Cosmic Art Laboratory - Vita

About me

Marzena Kowallik is an artist living in Germany and Spain. She discovered her passion for color as a child. She realized early on that her colour spectrum is broader than that of many other people and that the nuances are decisive for the interplay of a work of art. Each of her works is a part of her, which is why she affectionately refers to them as her "babies".

Marzena's work is characterized by experimentation, far from a fixed style. Her "laboratory" is a place of endless exploration of possibilities, without limiting herself to one direction. Each phase of her artistic work is given its own "time stamp", which is visible in her series of paintings.

Her work is always about emotions and what lies beneath the surface. Art to order is out of the question for Marzena, as each creation undergoes an individual creative process. Only in this way can the energy of color and spirit materialize. Her pictures are more than just paintings - they invite the viewer on their own "journey of the spirit".

Marzena is currently studying at the renowned Fine Art Academy in Bad Homburg. Here, Marzena is learning realistic drawing and painting according to the methods of the old masters, which enables her to enrich and combine her previous abstract works with new realistic techniques.